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Knee Pain

The knee joint is a complex weight bearing joint which is a common source of pain. Knee pain can arise from ligament instability, muscle strain or spasm, cartilage degeneration, or traumatic injury. Accurate knee assessment is crucial to a proper treatment regimen. This will include orthopedic tests and functional testing not only of the knee but also of the ankle and hip joints.

Altered biomechanics of the ankle, knee and/or hip is the usual culprit. Collapsed arches of the feet, internal rotation of the knee or hip, muscle weakness or imbalance such as iliotibial band syndrome, and valgus/varus angle changes in the knee results in joint misalignment and joint weakness. Such altered biomechanics results in accelerated joint degeneration and serious pain.

X-ray and MRI imaging may also help in proper diagnosis and treatment. Come in for the proper assessment and treatment of your joint problems.